The first step to your custom painted helmet is to e-mail your design ideas. They can be sketches, descriptions, cuttings from magazines or anything else that helps you describe the design you are aiming for. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualise how your ideas will look on a helmet. My design-layout service is a great way to see how your helmet could look when painted.


FAQ - What colour helmet works best and should the helmet be a solid colour or can it have factory graphics on it?

Answer - Any solid colour helmet is fine. Generally I will be changing the base colour anyway. I can paint factory design helmets, but there is a chance that the lines from the old design could show through - only on close inspection though!


FAQ - I had another custom painter do my helmet but I really don't like what was done can you fix it for me?

Answer – No, sorry, I only work on new or in like new condition helmets.


FAQ - My helmet has a scratch / dent in it. Can you repair it for me?

Answer - If that helmet is in bad condition for your own safety you should purchase a new helmet. Small stone chips can be sanded flat or left and should not detract from the overall look of your helmet .


FAQ - How do we come up with the final design for my helmet? Will you copy another custom painter's helmet design I like?

Answer- If you are thinking about having your helmet custom painted it’s usually so you're helmet design will be unique. Why settle for copying someone else's helmet design? If you send me examples of helmets you like I can generally come up with a unique design you can call your own. We can work together via e-mails to come up with a final design you will be happy with.


FAQ - How long does it usually take to have a helmet custom painted?

Answer - After I have received the helmet and the final design is worked out two weeks in most cases.


FAQ - Will you clear coat the helmet?

Answer – Yes. I use only the best custom paints and clear coats on the market. The artwork & graphics will be buried under the clear so when you touch the helmet you will not feel the edge's; your helmet will be returned to you with a glass-like, gloss finish.


Can you do heavy metalic flake or chrome ?

No , i do not do chroming or heavy flake . Chrome can look great but is delicate and can cause problems with peeling and chipping . Heavy flake is not supported by my paint system .



Prices :


Basic design and paintwork £400.00

Detailed design and paintwork £600.00

Plastic spoilers £50.00 extra

Prices include metalics , driver names etc .






It is advised that no preparation work be carried out by the customer, such as the rubber seal removal or flatting of the shell.


Most helmets can be painted , although it is prefered that a plain white helmet be used as factory designs can sometimes leave small ridges in the paint .


Please note that polycarbonate helmets cannot be painted , most quality helmets are now carbon composites or fiberglass, which are fine to paint . I use water based paints which do not damage the foam parts of the helmet lining .


Payment in full is required at the point of confirming an order. Postage to Demon Designs and return to the customer is the responsibility and cost of the customer. The item to be painted must either be delivered and collected in person or safely packed and sent/collected by post or courier.


Liability for damage is only accepted during the period the item is in the custody of Demon Designs.


If you have any queries please ask. I accept cheques made payable to Nick O'neill (funds to be cleared before working on the item) as well as cash. Credit or Debit card payments accepted via Paypal .






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